Tokenized Information

Assisted Intelligence

The 21st Century Technology Renaissance

We are witnessing the biggest evolution in technology for the 21st Century.

Leveraging this evolution for more safe, secure, trusted and intelligent interaction is here now, we’ve designed the systems to make it a reality.

Tokenized Information

Assisted Intelligence

System X Architecture

Technology Innovation

Intelligent search interrogation (AI) and database technology (DLT – Blockchain) is enabling a revolutionary change in business systems and processes across all commerce systems used to conduct the exchange and retention of value while improving efficiency in knowledge acquisition and optimizing decision support.


Trusted transactional interaction across all relationships whether public or private can now be implemented utilizing the inherent nature of the Blockchain architecture ensuring security, accountability and transparency which have been missing and plagued all commerce around the world.

Assisted Intelligence, the Real AI, is the next iteration of search capabilities and tools designed to interrogate ‘Big Data’ now called Large Language Models (LLM’s) representing the vast amount of language data across the current Internet known as Web2. It will transform into a fuller and richer knowledge base as it transitions to Web3 and the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes the Intelligence of Things, IoT2.

Tokenized Information for Content Creators

Content creation, whether a product or service, requires both Sovereignty & Provenance of the originator and creator for the consumer.

The unique architecture of the blockchain technology enables a secure and trusted authentication of what has been created and provided ensuring the trust and credibility for all parties involved in the exchange of value.

Assisted Intelligence

The Real AI

Intelligent Information Interrogation

Generative Pre-Trained Transformation Prompt Scripting with Intelligent Targeted Information interrogation

Integrated Information Architecture

Leverage existing and new data bases, structures and systems Targeted at Best Practices Models and Methodologies

Tokenized Transaction Architecture

Utilizing Distributed Ledger Technology for secure, trusted and immutable commerce Transaction Events

What can be done with it?

All commerce, business systems and relationship processes will achieve a level of efficiency and trust that’s missing today and needed for tomorrow.

Every business sector whether public or private can realize the sovereignty and provenance of the information they create and share knowing it’s been validated with the speed of the emerging Web3 distributed and decentralized network architecture.

Today’s Systems

Tomorrow’s Systems

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