Fortunate and blessed, my journey has been eclectic from Health & Wellness, Global Technology, Sound & Music, Philosophy and Science and it continues to grow and evolve.

Diverse yet connected fields of curiosity and imagination have led to experiences, learning, skills and talents being individually and collectively profound. These have and continue to expand my view of our world and reality.

This site is the current state of the journey to date, have a look around to see and hear what I’ve done so far, there’s more on the way!

50+ Years in Music

Musician with primary focus on Guitar starting at age 13. Playing various styles from acoustic to electric covering folk, rock, jazz and fusion. Built recording studio and indie record label releasing over a dozen original works and artists covering an eclectic range of genre’s from World, New Age, Jazz & Rock.

You can find samples of my works here: Sound & Music by Robert Bower

And full tracks on my Sound and Music site, Intuitive Sound here: Intuitive Sound Website

40+ Years in Technology

Starting as a UNIVAC 1701 keypunch service technician in the 70’s, began building micro computers (PC’s) mid 80’s and business systems using 4GL software for manufacturing. Developed global E-Commerce division and EDI software solution for Fortune 500 companies. Member of ANSI-X12, UN/EDIFACT and PANAM/EDIFACT boards and committees.

Keynote speaker at global conferences covering the future of technology, communications and Supply Chain/Logistics.

Designed and built access control, data encryption/security and communication solutions utilizing industry standard processes and models including.

SEI Software Development Methodology

6 Sigma

ISO 9000

Blockchain, AI & Crypto Technologies

30+ Years - Philosophical & Scientific Studies

I’ve studied, explored and practiced various philosophical and belief systems including Christian Music Ministry, Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism. Became a Shiatsu and Tai Chi practitioner in the 80’s and 90’s respectively adopting Taoism as my primary philosophical belief system studying the the Tao & iChing.

A student of Theoretical Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Scientific Disciplines, proponent of First Principles Thinking, Sacred Geometry and Cymatics.

20+ Years - Voice Over Artist & Content Creator

Began Voice Over in the mid 90’s creating full production VO for commercials, e-Learning, Whiteboard Animations, audio books and narration works for various clients around the world.

My latest work is Mind Treks, a series of Meditations, Music, Quotes & Contemplations designed to stimulate the Thought Streams of the Mind to achieve peace, balance, harmony and resonance between the Breath, Body and Mind.

You can find my Voice Over work here: Robert Bower Voice Over

You can also find samples of my Mind Treks works here: Mind Treks Samples

And the full tracks for Mind Treks on my YouTube channel here: Mind Treks YouTube Channel

Robert is amazing with knowing the intricacies of web-design and management. Over the years I’ve hired him and have always had a personable, professional experience. He takes the time to find the problem with a high attention to detail and thoroughness. From now on I’ll do it right the first time and let Robert take care of everything.

Donna Freeman

Yoga Master Instructor, Yoga In My School

I worked with Robert at a time of dynamic change requiring effective and organized change management. Robert is an effective motivator and is able to think “Out of the box” when faced with unusual or difficult challenges. I am proud to have Robert among my business colleagues and highly recommend is abilities.

Larry Sutherland

Manager of Client Operations

Robert is an effective leader in conditions ranging from chaotic to business-as-usual, and delivers results toward long term goals.

Mike LeDuc

Senior Systems Designer


Robert is a driven and articulate individual whos contributions to strategic product marketing at SSA was invaluable. Robert was able to take on multiple challenges during a difficult time and turn those challenges into successful outcomes.

Tom Lowry

Sales Executive

His high level of professionalism and expertise was very apparent within five minutes of our first meeting. He is one of those rare gifted individuals who has it all, from intellect, intuition, analytics, problem solving, mechanics, personality, leadership to creativity.

Denna Shelton

Workshop Leader/Consulting Hypnotist/Reiki Master, 20 Gems

Robert helped to drive the group that we both worked in from $750,000 in sales to $18,000,000 in sales in only three years at SSA. Robert can accomplish in a short period of time any goal that is set out for him. I recommend that you review his accomplishments closely.

Bob McCloskey

Account Executive

Robert is one of the most innovative marketing and product management professionals I’ve had the privilege to work beside. Robert is a great team player and leader and understands the nuances of markets and shifting demographics. I would highly recommend Robert in any executive role related to marketing, product management or sales enablement.

Jeff Sturrock

Retired Technology Sales Professional

Robert is able to provide everyone he worked with (the company’s executive leadership, his team, customers, analysts and so forth) at all times with highly insightful and consistent Marketing and Product leadership. Robert’s approach to Marketing and Product was very structured, focused, data-driven, results-driven and at all times solid as a rock.

Werner Wingen

Product Management

Robert managed Wesupply’s North American operation and was instrumental in building critical relationships with senior executives within our chosen target markets. In a very short timeframe Robert created a team that was building pipeline and executing the short term business plan agreed by the management team. Robert is a true professional who can create a solid business plan and deliver

Ian Broughton

Knowledge and Innovation Lead

Robert is was an EDI/e-commerce pioneer who saw the benefits of Internet-based e-commerce very early, before many in the field. His work at SSA and Harbinger were instrumental to the success of both companies.

Eric Christ

Technology Professional

Robert adopted and developed an overall vision for the ecommerce products at SSA. He is one of the few people I have worked with capable of understanding the details of all of these components and successfully tying them together into a vision others could follow.

Dean Baumann

Technology Consultant


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